Bring the Farm to Your Backyard with a Custom Chicken Coop

Bring the Farm to Your Backyard with a Custom Chicken Coop

Having the option of fresh farm eggs conveniently located in your backyard is one of the best ways to start each morning. The only way to get this, however, is if you raise and house your own chickens. Having them loose out in the backyard can leave them exposed to the elements and harsh seasons of New England. One way to combat this and ensure that your livestock is well maintained is through a custom built chicken coop.

Benefits of Owning a Custom Built Chicken Coop

Provide a Better Environment for Your Livestock

Whether you are looking to house chickens, goats or horses, one of the biggest priorities is providing a clean and comfortable environment for the animals. We have the proper knowledge and ability to meet any specifications to ensure that all your livestock are comfortable and safe from the elements.

Easy Access for Cleaning and Maintenance

We make sure to design each custom chicken coop for your convenience. We make entry ways for the animals to come and go as they please as well as the ability to secure the coop each night. You will also be able to walk into the coop or shed to clean it out and properly maintain it as needed.

Add Character to Your Backyard

All sheds and custom chicken coops are constructed with your style in mind. We aim to create an aesthetic shed that fits in your decor or to your specifications. We utilize high quality wood and materials to ensure that your sheds will last for years to come. Through simple maintenance, you will be able to keep your sheds looking brand new.

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Create the Perfect Guest House with Ponderosa Pines

Create the Perfect Guest House with Ponderosa Pines

Getting out in the woods and staying in a cabin brings your family together and a chance to bond in a cozy environment. It could be nice to get that feeling anytime you want without having to drive out in the middle of nowhere. With our custom outback cabin, you will get the setting of the outdoors with the convenience of being a few feet from your home. Check out the many benefits of owning a custom wooden outback cabin from Ponderosa Pines.

Custom Building the Perfect Wooden Outback Cabin

Get the Perfect Fit for Your Backyard

With Ponderosa Pines, we are able to custom create the perfect outback cabin or guest house to fit your property dimensions and offer you the most space. All specifications are up to code and offer an authentic feel to your guests.

Get the Elegance of Wood Finishing

All of our wood cabins and outback sheds are constructed with wood finishings to give an authentic look and feel. New England offers the perfect weather conditions to house wood structures that will be able to last for many years to come. With just a simple maintenance routine you will be able to ensure that your cabin lasts throughout any conditions. Whether you live on the outskirts of town of directly in the middle of all the busy action of the city, you will gain the feeling of an outdoors feel with our custom wood sheds and cabins.

Our Source of Inspiration

Wood works and cabins have been around for many generations. The primary model for houses at the beginning of time, we gain inspiration by the cabins that dotted the landscapes in New England back in the day.

Get In Touch for More Information

For more information and to get started on your own custom wooden outback cabin, feel free to get in contact with us.

3 Reasons to get a Custom Built Shed

3 Reasons to get a Custom Built Shed

Building a custom shed can be one of the most beneficial investments you can make. Not only does it increase the value of your property, but it can also be a useful tool for storage and customized to fit your everyday needs. Check out these three reasons to own a custom build shed from Ponderosa Pines Wood Products.

3 Reasons to Own a Custom Built Shed

Real Estate Value

By investing in a custom shed, the value of your property can increase and benefit you should you choose to resale in the future. You can custom build your shed for any need. Add additional storage to your home and free up some clutter or design a cool guest house for those staying over.


For a cluttered home, a storage shed may be your best solution. Store all your seasonal items away and keep them safe and ready to go for the next year. While the garage is meant to be a place to keep your car safe, often times it can become a place to keep all unwanted items. This leaves you little to no room to store your vehicle.  

Minimal Maintenance

With a storage shed, you do not have to worry about much upkeep. With custom sheds you can choose the material used in the build. With materials such as stainless steel, your sheds will be able to withstand the elements without the risk of rust. All you would need to do is sweep the shed occasionally and ensure your locks are in proper condition.

Get started today on your custom built shed with the help from Ponderosa Pines Wood Products.